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"Hey, you've got York. Leave me one and I'll get back to you."
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Wash and York form a careful escape plan, learning the patrol routes both inside and outside of the base. In the dead of night, using Ratchet as lookout a hallway further down, Wash knocks out the Cetagandans guarding Lakshmi and Daryl. They didn't realize Daryl would be in holding as well but roll with it, locking the guards inside holding and guiding the two of them along a pre-planned escape route. The five of them make it as far as having the door to the outside in eyeshot... if they'd made it there only a few minutes earlier maybe they'd have been golden, who knows. But they don't, and as they turn the last corner a soldier that they didn't count on passes by. One that (as if four beefy exotics wandering around in the middle of the night wasn't suspicious enough) recognizes Lakshmi as the Barrayaran prisoner and sounds the alarm before any of them can get to him to knock him out.

Busted, they all run for it and are set upon by basically everyone who's awake. Luckily most of the patrols are outside but our crew is unarmed and they don't stand much of a chance if the Cetagandans decide to start shooting -- which they do while the group is booking it for the woods. York gets clipped in the leg with a laser weapon and goes down hard, quickly set upon. He makes quite a fuss trying to get a weapon regardless so he can help the others escape. (Maybe he succeeds? We can roll for it! The cover fire would help the others.) Ratchet hangs back and sacrifices himself distracting the guards from the others/protecting York.

Wash is Super Unhappy but decides to get Lakshmi and Daryl back to the Barrayaran camp safe before doubling back to see what can be done about York. Lakshmi is the one who knows the way, anyway, he needs to know where he's going when he saves his friend. Meanwhile, Miles and Maine are en route from the Barrayaran camp, using the same trail. They run into one another and Maine tries to talk Wash out of going back. When that doesn't work, he just chokes him unconscious and drags him to Barrayar. Nobody goes back.


Daryl and Wash defect to Barrayaran camp
Lakshmi is saved/returns to Barrayaran camp
Miles and Maine return to Barrayaran camp
York and Ratchet remain at Cetagandan base
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Name: Ana
Preferred pronouns: she/her
Over 16?: Y
Contact: [ profile] cuddlebug
Time zone: EST

Type: OU
Name: York
Canon: Red vs Blue
Canon point: Out of Mind, part 5
Age: mid-late 20s

Appearance: tall and muscular, olive toned skin, short gelled brown hair, right eye brown and left eye white with a red scar cutting from his eyebrow to mid-cheek straight through the eye, myriad other physical scars from fighting.

- York is the most casual, social, and friendliest member of Agent Freelancer.
- For the most part he gets along with everyone thanks to an easy demeanor, often joking with others and generally going with the flow of things.
- He’s highly adaptable, whether it’s due to the mission going sideways or his own personal well-being… despite the sudden injury that blinds his left eye he’s still ready for action again right away, not wasting time feeling sorry for himself.
- A critical thinker, often philosophizing about their situation and questioning the motivations behind Freelancer’s actions.
- He asks his confidant North just which side they’re actually on, a sideways expression of the fact that he wants to be one of the good guys.
- Willing to go against the people he cares for to do what he thinks is right, as is the case when he helps Tex attack the Mother of Invention to free the Alpha. Although he’s not willing to hurt the people he loves (Carolina), he’ll still fight for what he thinks is right.
- In a situation like the game where neither side has a clear moral superiority, he’ll be challenged constantly with knowing that he could be hurting good people.
- As his life goes to hell and he’s forced into hiding, he’s not above acts like stealing to survive. He’s not above revenge, either, as that’s one of his major reasons for helping Tex attack Wyoming and Omega.
- Sentimental and thoughtful, doing things like watching over Carolina and making frequent journal entries with his AI, Delta, to whom he’s deeply bonded.

Background/AU details: He has a comprehensive wikia!

Strengths & weaknesses:
✓ hand to hand combat
✓ knowledge and use of myriad firearms
✓ lock picking
✓ high speed driving
✓ pulling all nighters
✓ field dressing and wound assessment
✓ knife throwing
✓ keeping cool/good humor under pressure
✓ bedside manner
✓ resourcefulness and quick thinking
✓ loyalty

✕ Carolina
✕ blind on his left side
✕ overprotective to his own detriment
✕ mental instability due to Delta’s sudden ejection
✕ problems with authority due to being lied to for ages

Depowering/humanization: N/A, as the only things that could make York superhuman are his armor and Delta, neither of which he’ll have.

Placement preference: My only preference is that he be sided with castmates that might show up, especially if Carolina apps. It’s likely that he wouldn’t be willing to fight her for someone else’s war and it could cause problems. Which I am fine with playing out but—! It’s a thing that would probably happen.

Character goals: York will struggle terribly being without Delta, first and foremost. The ejection of an AI is traumatic to start with, and Delta has been his constant companion for many years. He’ll also be without the help of D and his armor when it comes to managing his left side blindness, a liability in battle that will shake his usually chill attitude. He’ll have to adapt to these things while struggling with the fact that he’s fighting someone else’s war and doesn’t know which side really ”should” win. He’d naturally seek out others who were thrown into the conflict without a history in the world but I’d like him to bond with the NPCs to strengthen his allegiance to the side he’s put on. He could be a strong leader if driven to help his side. (Again, if put on the opposite side of his former teammates, he’ll be challenged further and less likely to assist.)

Sample: a recent sav log

I can write something setting-specific if needed!
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Player Name: Ana
Are you 16 or older: Y
Contact: [ profile] cuddlebug; pellameno @ gmail
Current Characters: n/a
Tag: York

Name: York
Canon: Red vs Blue
Canon Point: Out of Mind, part 5
Age: 25

History: Comprehensive History in his wikia.

Personality: Project Freelancer Agents tend to be much more serious than the Sim Soldiers in the main series until this point (seasons 9 and 10) when you get to know them. Agent York is the most casual, social, and friendliest of the Freelancer agents, often telling jokes to lighten the mood out in the field. When he jumps off the roof of a building aiming for an open carry bay of a plane beneath them, York’s only comment is a snarky “I don’t wanna do this!” but in classic York style he does it without protest and continues the battle and high speed race that ensues. And he is capable -- even after losing the use of his left eye he's able to keep up with the other agents, maintaining the number three spot on the leaderboard behind only Tex and Carolina themselves.

He’s very easily liked, with much of it explained by how he cares for his teammates, Particularly Carolina -- when she overtrains, fighting through the night, he watches over her. When Carolina is injured after an AI incident York stays at her bedside for days, holding her hand. He’s that type for at least a few others of his teammates — even as he’s questioning the program they’re a part of (something he does with frequency) he discusses it with his fellow Freelancers before taking any action.

He's loyal to his team but also philosophical, often asking his confidant North, 'Are you sure we're the good guys?' as missions become more and more questionable and secretive. He questions the nature of the AIs they've been given but still grows close to his own personal AI fragment, Delta... at first they mostly bicker, as Delta is a logic component and York is more the fly by the seat of his pants type, but eventually Delta seems to to take on some of his personality traits and they get along very well as partners. York calls on him frequently to assess situations and to watch his bad side.

In the end, his friendships and moral values are more important than his career. He takes all his doubts with the program, combined with Tex’s information on the Alpha AI, Washington’s horrible time with the Epsilon implantation, and launches an attack on Project Freelancer. To try and take it down. The only loss for York when it’s over is that he believes Carolina dies.

When he’s approached by Tex in Out of Mind for some payback against her evil AI Omega and Agent Wyoming himself (one of the men responsible for blinding his left eye), York agrees readily. He’s not one above revenge. And at this point he’d be wanting revenge for Carolina primarily, as he supposes her dead. He goes into this particular combat with the knowledge it’s unlikely he’ll get out but he doesn’t seem to care. It is likely, however, that he’s discussed what is to happen to Delta if York is killed. When York takes a fatal blow, Delta tells Tex simply, “I would rather stay with York” showing the deep bond between York and his logic fragment AI. York dies and Delta is presumably shut down.

Later on we get to see York’s personal entries regarding Carolina and whether or not she was alive — he never lost hope after several years. Or his good humor, even when he’s the most depressed he’s ever been. “You now, D, I bet if I had opened with a pickup line, I would’ve never seen her again.” “Why is that?” “Because she would have busted my other eye.” He then comments that he wishes she could have learned to let things go.. so he should as well.

Contracts: York’s never heard of an Ingress, or the Moira, but that’s not surprising. The last thing he remembers is leaping into a tampered portal so even at the best of times, those are kinda like a box of chocolate. You’ll always get chocolate — bad news, probably a fight, maybe with a cherry on top, but ultimately you never know what you’ll get. He’s willing to work on this ship rather than getting dumped on the nearest planet. And selfishly, he’s not in much of a rush and he’s used to live on a ship. As long as Tex is able to get herself out of the mess they’d just leapt into. He’s in.

Abilities/Skills: hand to hand combat, use of pretty much all firearms, lock picking, high speed driving, pulling all nighters (when caffeine is on hand), field dressing and assessment, knife throwing.


Strengths: (see also: abilities and skills:) keeping a cool head when under fire and extreme circumstances, managing his team, assessing who’s telling him the truth and who needs to be taken out, bedside manner, charming people relatively quickly, resourceful and quick-thinking under stress, extremely loyal

Weaknesses: Carolina. Blind on his left side, which he compensates for with Delta. Delta. Wash. North. Basically York’s weaknesses are his teammates, which isn’t always enough to keep him from doing what’s right anyway.

Items: Delta (his AI fragment, bonded to his neural network), his armor with mag boots and healing unit, rifle w/ammunition, handgun w/ammunition, several hidden combat knives, lighter with the Club Errera symbol on it.

Note: Delta does speak to others and can make his presence known via a glowing soldier form, but never without York present and usually only when called for advice on a situation. They have been sharing York's brain for several years at this point and while there is a distinct personality difference, I'd like to bring Delta in with York.

Prose/Action Sample:

York signs the contract. It’s kind of a no brainer at this point — he’s on the Moira, and that’s a far better place than he was before. Ship life is nothing new for him, anyway, and he certainly has no idea how to get back. Jumping through another portal, a malfunctioning one, seems foolish in amounts he doesn’t feel like taking the chance for. So he takes off his gauntlet and lets them put an MID into his wrist (He’s trusted way worse, putting something directly in his head.) and gives the doctor who installed it a winning smile. Does he need a walkthrough? “Naw, I’ll figure it out. Now, I’ve got quarters?” He’d like some privacy to see if he could find someone from his own world.

He leaves his grav-boots on until he adjusts to the lighter gravity in this ship, and starts to wander in the general direction of his quarters, one keen eye scanning the face of each person he passes. Maybe one of them would recognize his armor, even though the helmet’s under his arm.

The ship stops abruptly and York clicks his grav-boots on, glancing up at the wall-width windows that seem to line the corridor he’s in. Those aliens seem a whole lot like whales except they’re in outer space. He steps closer to the window and presses his hand to the glass, until decoys are deployed and they swim away from him rather than closer. York exhales, figuring he’d know if there was a mass murder of aliens going on even from his room. Which he’s ready to check out. So he’ll see you later, Moira hallways.


When he ventures out again in the morning he sees a box outside of his room, and his MID chirps that something needs to be put inside and put on the observation deck.

“Hey, can you help me out,” he asks the first person he sees holding a box on the deck. “I don’t really have anything… gifty.”

Network Sample:

Hey there, crew. My name's York, I'm new to your ranks but not to space travel so I was hoping someone could catch me up without treating me like I'm a complete newbie. Where are we headed, what exactly this ingress is, and what's wrong with it. I'm not an engineer so I can't promise to understand, but my space education's been pretty thorough.

On a more personal note, I'm a locksmith. All kind of locks, electronic, handscan, holograpic (most of the time) so if you ever get locked out of your room or workspace, give me a call. Should be easy with these, right? [ He holds his MID up a little higher, giving it a winning smile. ]

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